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A Taxing Time for Europe and the Holy Father

Yesterday, in Brussels, the British Chancellor, George Osborne, delayed his flight back to Blighty to berate his European counterparts for becoming bogged down in a pointless debate about an EU wide transaction tax rather than taking practical action to save … Continue reading

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Operation Odyssey: Parliament and the Unanswered Questions

After reading through nearly seven hours of Parliamentary debate yesterday on Operation Odyssey, I now realise that I’m not the only one at a loss to know how this is all going to end and how long it might all … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Revolutionary Hangover in Egypt

Why has the pro-democracy protests in Egypt and elsewhere received such muted support from the West? Sarkozy got it wrong in Tunisia and the EU looks like its going to drop the ball in Egypt. By the time the EU … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom and British Foreign Policy: How do we Manage the Persecution Complex?

The question of religious freedom, or more specifically violence against Christian minorities in predominantly Moslem countries, has featured high on the work agenda since I returned from my Christmas jaunt to Andalucía. Against a rising tide of popular concern, bishops … Continue reading

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