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Europe and its crisis of legitimacy

The reaction across European capitals to the Greek elections appears to be one of sober relief. With Greek so deeply divided and with Europe still short of a road map to solve the Eurozone’s structural problems this is not a … Continue reading

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Europe and the Primacy of Domestic Politics

Faced with the growing fragmentation of Europe and the prospect of failed and failing states within its borders, Europe’s politicians appear incapable of providing the necessary political leadership to navigate the EU through its current economic ills. Mainstream political commentators might lament … Continue reading

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A Taxing Time for Europe and the Holy Father

Yesterday, in Brussels, the British Chancellor, George Osborne, delayed his flight back to Blighty to berate his European counterparts for becoming bogged down in a pointless debate about an EU wide transaction tax rather than taking practical action to save … Continue reading

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Financial Stability and Economic Growth in the EU

With the leaders of the G20 meeting in Cannes, France, against a backdrop of continued confusion and uncertainty in the Eurozone, the House of Lords will today debate the matter of financial stability and economic growth in the EU. The Bishop of Bath … Continue reading

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The Euro Crisis and the Birth Pangs of a New Europe

The Euro zone deal agreed in the early hours of this morning might be short on financial details, but there is little doubt as to its political ramifications. Signatories have made clear that they see the Euro as core to … Continue reading

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