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Europe and the Primacy of Domestic Politics

Faced with the growing fragmentation of Europe and the prospect of failed and failing states within its borders, Europe’s politicians appear incapable of providing the necessary political leadership to navigate the EU through its current economic ills. Mainstream political commentators might lament … Continue reading

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The Euro Crisis and the Birth Pangs of a New Europe

The Euro zone deal agreed in the early hours of this morning might be short on financial details, but there is little doubt as to its political ramifications. Signatories have made clear that they see the Euro as core to … Continue reading

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Is it time to take responsibility for our past collusion in Libya?

The British government once again finds itself at the centre of a political storm regarding its past collusion with a very unpleasant regime. In a statement in the House of Commons yesterday the Prime Minister stated that “our relationship with … Continue reading

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…. but was it necessary, legal and right?

Earlier this week David Cameron used a statement on the rapidly changing situation in Libya to re-state his belief that the decision to deploy military force to support the Libyan people was necessary, legal and right.  Do you agree? Military … Continue reading

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China and Britain – Trade versus Human Rights

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabo’s visit to Britain has once again raised debate as to the appropriate relationship between trade and human rights? After signing a trade agreement worth £1.4bn today, the Prime Minister rejected suggestions there was a “trade-off” between … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Coalition One Year

  This week’s photo essay takes us back a year to the press conference in the gardens of No 10 where David Cameron and Nick Clegg launched the Coalition Government. One year on what are we to make of the … Continue reading

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UNSC Resolution 1973: Too Little, Too Late?

Last night the United Nations Security Council passed a robust and far reaching Resolution in response to the situation in Libya. Whatever happens from here this is an important moment in the life of the United Nations. There is no … Continue reading

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