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Egypt and the Altar Lot

It has been amusing over the last few months to read the media stories as to who might or might not be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. More interesting perhaps is who will succeed Pope Shenouda III as the leader … Continue reading

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Christians in the Middle East

Later next month, on the 9th December, the Archbishop of Canterbury will be leading a debate in the House of Lords to call attention to the situation of Christians in the Middle East. The debate will provide an opportunity for Peers … Continue reading

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The Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out on the situation in Egypt

Yesterday the Archbishop of Canterbury issued a statement – copied below – on the recent disturbances in Cairo. The statement draws attention to Egypt’s long history of peaceful interfaith relations and the urgency of ensuring the rights of all citizens are assured.  In a … Continue reading

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Violence and Solidarity in Cairo

Which ever way you look at it the disproportionate use of force over the weekend against peaceful demonstrators in Cairo is alarming and disconcerting, but we should be wary of seeing the recent disturbances as the start of some Iraqi … Continue reading

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