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Debating Europe’s Future

Listen closely to the recent political statements of certain European politicians, not least Chancellor Merkel, and you will realise that the terms of the Euro zone debate have changed significantly in recent weeks. If you are interested in delving beyond … Continue reading

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A Taxing Time for Europe and the Holy Father

Yesterday, in Brussels, the British Chancellor, George Osborne, delayed his flight back to Blighty to berate his European counterparts for becoming bogged down in a pointless debate about an EU wide transaction tax rather than taking practical action to save … Continue reading

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The Euro Crisis and the Birth Pangs of a New Europe

The Euro zone deal agreed in the early hours of this morning might be short on financial details, but there is little doubt as to its political ramifications. Signatories have made clear that they see the Euro as core to … Continue reading

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Can we Learn to Live in Peace with Russia?

After a round of meetings in Poland yesterday with President Bronislaw Komorwski, the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, heads to Brussels today for the start of the EU-Russia Summit. Medvedev aims to secure EU approval of Moscow’s bid to join the … Continue reading

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