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The Euro Crisis and the Birth Pangs of a New Europe

The Euro zone deal agreed in the early hours of this morning might be short on financial details, but there is little doubt as to its political ramifications. Signatories have made clear that they see the Euro as core to … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Odious Debts of Greece

This week’s photo essay captures the demonstrations outside the Greek Parliament in Athens as Members of Parliament voted on the recent changes to the government. This vote was seen by many as a necessary first step in an arduous process of securing a further financial bailout from fellow … Continue reading

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The European Union Bill and the Limits to Parliamentary Sovereignty

With Operation Odyssey dominating the news it is easy to overlook other issues that need our critical attention. I know that Europe is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the European Union Bill has its second reading in the House … Continue reading

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The European Union Bill – Back to the Future

To date I’ve always thought that the Coalition government’s European Union Bill amounted to nothing more than a bit of red meat thrown to the Europhobes to keep them happy or distracted following the debacle over the Lisbon Treaty. So distracted Cameron … Continue reading

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Europe’s crisis – An Animated view from Taiwan

Seeing one’s own problems through the eyes of others can sometimes be instructive and at times sobering. It can also be amusing. I found the following animated ‘You-Tube video’ from a Taiwanese film company particularly helpful when trying to make sense … Continue reading

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Is it time to write Europe’s Obituary?

It is not every day that my work keeps me awake at night, but a colleague of mine, who reads my blog but refuses to comment publicly on it, accused me yesterday of political naivety following yesterday’s post. The main … Continue reading

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The EU and its Budget – Time for a Rethink?

David Cameron will be in Brussels today and tomorrow for a meeting of the European Council. The European Council is the EU’s key strategic decision-making body. It comprises the 27 heads of government of the EU’s member states. Economic governance … Continue reading

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