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The Slow Death of Multilateralism and the Remaking of the Old World Order

The meeting today of the European Council kicks of yet another round of European Summitry to resolve the structural ills affecting the Eurozone. Europe’s inability over the last two years to take the necessary corrective steps bodes ill both for the … Continue reading

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The Church of England is a European Church

You can always gauge how sensible ones comments are on Europe by the furore they create in certain quarters. The more sensible the comments, the more severe the tongue lashing. The Telegraph’s reaction today to the recent submission from the … Continue reading

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Europe and its crisis of legitimacy

The reaction across European capitals to the Greek elections appears to be one of sober relief. With Greek so deeply divided and with Europe still short of a road map to solve the Eurozone’s structural problems this is not a … Continue reading

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Debating Europe’s Future

Listen closely to the recent political statements of certain European politicians, not least Chancellor Merkel, and you will realise that the terms of the Euro zone debate have changed significantly in recent weeks. If you are interested in delving beyond … Continue reading

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Europe and its future(s)

Ecumenical visits to Helsinki, Finland and then to Novi Saad, Serbia, followed by the debate on the Queen’s Speech has meant there has been little time to blog. There has certainly been no shortage of issues to write about –Chicago … Continue reading

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Serbia – An Uncertain Future

With Europe still digesting the election results from France and Greece, it’s all too easy to overlook the general and local election results held in Serbia on Sunday. To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have even known that elections had … Continue reading

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Modernity and its futures?

Trawl the shelves of any respectable bookshop today and you will find a growing body of literature expounding the now well trodden thesis that China’s rise inevitably means the West’s demise. To be fair scholars have been exploring this possibility for … Continue reading

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