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Brexit, nativism and the victory of petty parochialism

What does the referendum campaign and subsequent decision to leave the EU tell us about modern Britain? The EU referendum saw the UK unexpectedly voting to leave the EU, with 17.4 million (51.9%) casting their votes in favour of Brexit … Continue reading

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Awkward dinner conversations in Brussels

Today, the Prime Minister David Cameron travels to Brussels for his first face-to-face meeting with his fellow EU Heads of State following last week’s referendum vote to leave the EU.  There will be the ritualistic discussion about Article 50, but … Continue reading

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Fresh, if uncertain, beginnings

Last’s week’s referendum decision to leave the EU caught all by surprise, not least Nigel Farage, its chief advocate, who having conceded defeat once the polling stations had closed emerged jubilant the following morning. Caught off-guard and with old scripts … Continue reading

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Values and identity in foreign policy

It is hard not to feel a general sense of weariness with the state of the world. Newspapers are filled with one crisis after another and these crises appear more wickedly complex than anything we have dealt with in the … Continue reading

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The Church and the Armed Forces Covenant

This evening at Lambeth Palace the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York will sign on behalf of the Archbishop’s Council of the Church of England an Armed Forces Corporate Covenant. The signing will be witnessed by the Anna … Continue reading

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Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Gaza

To visit Gaza is to be reminded that war, whatever its justification, is a deadly and destructive affair. With 3 wars in 5 years it is impossible to distinguish between the damage caused by each. The scenes of desolation in … Continue reading

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Building Trust: Arab-EU Citizens Dialogue

I’m in Brussels at the moment taking part in a conference that brings together scholars and academics from Europe and the Arab world as well as civil society organisations, religious communities, journalists and politicians. This is the fourth in the … Continue reading

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