Building Bridges with Modernity and its Futures

Last week I explored how the shift to a multi-polar world might give rise to multiple understandings of modernity. I suggested that rather than resisting this trend the West needed to be tolerant of others who follow different paths with a view to encouraging a form of global pluralism. The 11th Annual Building Bridges Seminar that starts today in London before moving on to Canterbury is a good example of the role that faith communities can play in this process.  

The seminar series brings together a range of internationally recognised Christian and Muslim scholars for intensive study over 3 days to explore a number of the most significant themes in the interface between Islam and Christianity. This year’s theme is death, resurrection and human destiny. Past themes have included scripture, prophecy, the common good, justice and rights, human nature, interpretation, science and religion, tradition and modernity and prayer.

As the title of the seminar series indicates the aim is to build bridges of understanding between Islam and Christianity by providing leading scholars with a platform for open and honest discussion. If you are interested in learning more about this seminar series then click here.

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