Unite for Syria: Stop One Year Of Bloodshed

Today 100s of NGOs and 1,000s of campaigners are coming together across the globe to call on the international community to UNITE FOR SYRIA and STOP ONE YEAR OF BLOODSHED.

I’m chuffed to bits that the Church of England is part of this campaign and I’m delighted to see that the Church of Sweden has also added its voice.

The conflict in Syria is now a year old today. Conservative estimates put the number of fatalities at over 8,000 – a large number of whom are women and children. The Assad government’s continued use of lethal force against its own people is among the worst cases of deliberate violence against a civilian population that we have seen in recent years.

There can be no excuse for such actions under any circumstances. Let’s not beat about the bush here, crimes against humanity have been committed and those responsible for such crimes must be brought to account. Responsibility for the current bloodshed ultimately rests with those in Syria ordering, permitting, or themselves committing, horrific crimes.

It is saddening that one year after the start of the Syrian uprising divisions in the Security Council prevent a unified and proactive international response to the crisis. Such divisions only give the impression that the Assad’s regime has friends and that the opposition ranged against him poses no threat.

That is simply unacceptable.

If diplomacy is to stand a chance of working, it is imperative that the international community sends a clear and united message that the violence must stop.

Today’s global campaign provides an opportunity for civil society organisations and activities from Indonesia to Egypt, UK to South Africa, Canada to Brazil, to stand in solidarity with all those still engaged in non-violent protest in Syria.

While there is no easy way out of this crisis, the moral obligation to bridge the current impasse lies with the members of the UN Security Council. If you are interested in adding your own voice to the campaign calling on the UN Security Council to act then go to http://www.facebook.com/UniteForSyria for further details.

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2 Responses to Unite for Syria: Stop One Year Of Bloodshed

  1. Charles
    The Methodist Church, Baptist Union and United Reformed Church also issued a statement today in support of this campaign.

    “Church leaders call for UN action on 1st anniversary of Syria uprising”

    International mediation such as that being brokered by Kofi Annnan needs the Security Council to be united if it is to have any chance of working at all.

    Steve Hucklesby

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