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Gaza: a plague on all our houses

I’m not a pacifist, but the conflict in Gaza sickens me. The indiscriminate military tactics of both sides dehumanises all parties. The shelling of innocents erodes rather than legitimiates the moral narratives both sides are frantically promoting over the airwaves. … Continue reading

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Why do we fear a nuclear Iran?

Why do we fear a nuclear Iran? Are our fears rational or misplaced? Most analysis starts from the assumption that a nuclear Iran would be dangerous. It follows that the international community should use a range of policy options, even … Continue reading

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Developing an Understanding of Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Putting aside for the moment the unanswered question of whether Iran intends to militarize the nuclear capability that it appears likely to acquire any time soon, what exactly is driving Iran’s nuclear ambition? It is not the place of this blog to document … Continue reading

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Taking a More Sympathetic Look at Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Every day carries yet further news about Iran’s nuclear programme and the international effort to prevent Iran crossing the nuclear threshold. If news reports are to be believed – and we know they rarely should be – we are slowly … Continue reading

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Avoiding a Diplomatic Train Wreck in New York.

Earlier this year, June 26th, President Abbas announced his decision to seek recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations along the 1967 borders with a right of return for refugees. There is intense diplomatic uncertainty, not to say anxiety, as to … Continue reading

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How Healthy is The State of Israel’s Democracy?

Earlier this week I gently explored Israel’s phobia of Arab democracy. I suggested that if Immanuel Kant’s thesis held – ie that democracies don’t wage war - then much of Israel’s anxiety although understandable is overblown and excessive. I subsequently came across … Continue reading

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