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China and Britain – Trade versus Human Rights

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabo’s visit to Britain has once again raised debate as to the appropriate relationship between trade and human rights? After signing a trade agreement worth £1.4bn today, the Prime Minister rejected suggestions there was a “trade-off” between … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Coalition One Year

  This week’s photo essay takes us back a year to the press conference in the gardens of No 10 where David Cameron and Nick Clegg launched the Coalition Government. One year on what are we to make of the … Continue reading

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UNSC Resolution 1973: Too Little, Too Late?

Last night the United Nations Security Council passed a robust and far reaching Resolution in response to the situation in Libya. Whatever happens from here this is an important moment in the life of the United Nations. There is no … Continue reading

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Libya and The Grounding of the No Fly Zone

After a long and difficult European summit in Brussels last Friday, where any mention of No Fly Zones was written out of the final script, the Prime Minister faced yesterday an equally sceptical and concerned House of Commons. William Hague … Continue reading

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William Hague – Making our Country more Prosperous and Secure

Which ever way you look at it, the Government has been a having a pretty tough time developing a coherent approach to the unfolding events in the Middle East. Each time the government attempts to get ahead of the curve … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Bloody Colonel – Our Trusted Friend of Old

With Colonel Gaddafi struggling violently to cling to power in Libya, this photo is one that Tony Blair would dearly love to see consigned to a card board box in the attic. The picture captures Blair’s controversial visit to Libya … Continue reading

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David Cameron, Swiss Cheese and the EU Referendum Bill

Last week’s visit to Brussels gave me the opportunity to explore non-British attitudes to the EU Referendum Bill that is currently being debated by Parliament. It takes a brave man to mention this Bill in the hallowed corridors of the … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Revolutionary Hangover in Egypt

Why has the pro-democracy protests in Egypt and elsewhere received such muted support from the West? Sarkozy got it wrong in Tunisia and the EU looks like its going to drop the ball in Egypt. By the time the EU … Continue reading

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The European Union Bill – Back to the Future

To date I’ve always thought that the Coalition government’s European Union Bill amounted to nothing more than a bit of red meat thrown to the Europhobes to keep them happy or distracted following the debacle over the Lisbon Treaty. So distracted Cameron … Continue reading

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Is Football Coming Home?

With the Korean Peninsula on the brink of a war and negotiators in Cancun working late into the night to try to save the planet, David Cameron will today fly to Zurich for the start of intensive negotiations to help bring … Continue reading

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